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The LUTube replacement, VideoLeeds, is now live. From 28 September 2015, staff and students will no longer be able to publish new content to LUTube and should use VideoLeeds instead. Existing LUTube content will continue to be viewable until March 2016. Details

Export from Movie Maker by Simon Davis (Wed Dec 23 13:00:45 +0000 2009)

LUTube requires Flash Player versions

The latest version is available here

When you have finished editing your video project you will need to export your movie to share it or view it outside of the Movie maker program. Movie maker offers lots of different options for exporting video which will compress your video in different ways.

Unless you know you need your video for a specific platform (e.g. mobile delivery) you should choose a high quality option.

Saving video for upload to LUTube choose Save to my computer - Other settings - Video for local playback (1.5Mbps).

For more info on export video from Movie Maker see:


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