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The LUTube replacement, VideoLeeds, is now live. From 28 September 2015, staff and students will no longer be able to publish new content to LUTube and should use VideoLeeds instead. Existing LUTube content will continue to be viewable until March 2016. Details

Video Podcasting with LUTube by Simon Davis (Thu Jan 07 10:58:43 +0000 2010)

LUTube requires Flash Player versions

The latest version is available here

As well as storing your videos and converting them for online delivery, LUTube can also produce RSS feeds for content.

Clicking on the feed icon will take you to the RSS feed for a collection of videos. By copying the address of the feed and pasting it into your favourite aggregator you or your audience can subscribe to your video content, download all your content in one go and keep up to date with new content as it is published. Content must be set to “public” for it to be added to a feed that can be accessed by an external aggregator.

LUTube allows you to choose feeds from 3 sources:

• All videos uploaded by a given user

• Videos given a specific tag from a specific user

• Videos given a specific tag from all users

This flexibility allows users to create a number of podcasts from their video content according to the tags that they add to their videos or groups of users to contribute to the same podcast by tagging content in the same way.


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