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The LUTube replacement, VideoLeeds, is now live. From 28 September 2015, staff and students will no longer be able to publish new content to LUTube and should use VideoLeeds instead. Existing LUTube content will continue to be viewable until March 2016. Details

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. LUTube basics
  2. Uploading and converting video
  3. Viewing video on LUTube
  4. LUTube features
  5. Showing LUTube videos in other websites

LUTube basicsback to top

Why should I log onto LUTube?
There are certain things that only staff and students at the University of Leeds can see and do on LUTube. If you log on you can become more involved with LUTube, doing things like uploading videos, seeing videos that have been restricted to logged on users only, leaving comments on videos, giving feedback on the site etc.
How do I log on to LUTube?
Anyone with an active ISS user account can log onto LUTube with their ISS username and password using the boxes towards the top of the screen. showing how to log in to LUTube
Can I upload TV programmes to LUTube?
TV programmes can be shown on LUTube if they conform to the ERA licence conditions. This allows programmes recorded from terrestrial broadcasters to be used for educational purposes. There are certain restrictions in place and you should make sure you declare the content as being used under the terms of the ERA licence when you upload your video (this is an option in the Copyright section of the upload screen). For more information on the ERA licence see the Copyright Advice section.
What type of video content can I upload to LUTube?
LUTube has been developed primarily to support learning, teaching and research at the University of Leeds and we would strongly encourage any copyright cleared submissions with this aim. We are also keen to support the strategic aim of providing an “exceptional student experience” and are happy to host videos that reflect University life provided they conform to the University’s policy on acceptable content.
What can I do with the video that I upload?
You can add important information to accompany video that you upload. The video description can include links to other online resources such as websites, an ongoing blog or even a social networking community. You can also choose to restrict your content to certain groups of users, create discussion with the comments feature or embed your video in other websites. This flexibility means you can use LUTube to show your video and create community or simply use the hosting facility and easily place the video in other online locations such as the VLE.
What happens to the video that I upload to LUTube?
LUTube converts video and optimises it for web delivery. The content that you see on the site is the converted content and may be reduced in quality or size to ensure that it is suitable for delivery via home broadband connections. Once content has been converted we do not guarantee to store the originals. It is highly recommended that you keep backup original copies of all your videos.
How long will my videos be stored for?
Our present policy is that optimised videos will be stored for the duration of your time here at the University of Leeds. Please note that once content has been converted we do not guarantee to store the originals. It is highly recommended that you keep backup original copies of all your videos.
What happens if I see something that is inappropriate on LUTube?
The exact definition of “inappropriate” content can depend on the purpose and context in which it is shown. If you see something that you have concerns about it is important that you let us know as soon as possible so we can take action if necessary. If you see something that you feel is inappropriate then you should click the Report link above the video playback area. This will alert us to the video and we will contact you as soon as possible to investigate the report. If we find that the report is valid we will remove the content as soon as we can and contact the content owner.
What if I need to upload content for learning and teaching that could be seen as inappropriate if it is viewed out of context?
LUTube provides you with a number of ways for you to be able to restrict who can see your videos. Setting the access restrictions of a video to “hosted” will mean that it will not be able to be found by other who may find it offensive on LUTube. You will then be able to share the video on another website where you can control the context in which it will be seen such as the VLE. You can also use the description box for your video to contextualise any video you are uploading.
Can I remove a video from LUTube?
You can remove any video that you uploaded to LUTube by clicking on the delete link in the main video preview screen.
Can I change the settings on a LUTube video?
You can changes the settings on any video that you uploaded to LUTube by clicking on the edit link in the main video preview screen. You will then get the option to change all major video settings including title, description, tags, access restrictions and copyright conditions.
Where can I get advice on creating video?
SDDU run courses on creating video resources for Learning and Teaching and support the Using Video in Learning and Teaching online resource. You can find tutorials and case studies from staff members who have created video for LUTube on the LUTube tutorials pages.
Why are there so many copyright options when I upload video? Which one do I choose?
Copyright can be used to protect your right and the rights of any third parties whose video you have permission to use on the site. When you upload video you get the option to say what exactly users can do with the content (the level of restriction) and who owns the video that you have uploaded. For more information on understanding the copyright options see the Understanding copyright tutorial.
What will I need to be able to use LUTUbe on my computer?
We try to support the set ups most commonly found in use by staff and students but would advise you to ensure you have access to the following system requirements:
  • Adobe Flash Player or higher (download the most recent flash player here:
  • Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.5+ or Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows only)
  • Windows XP (with latest updates) or higher, Mac OS X 10.5+ or any other OS that can run the above browsers/plugins
  • Broadband connection with 500+ kb/s

Uploading and converting videoback to top

How do I upload a video to LUTube?
  • Sign in with your ISS username and password and click on the Upload tab to go the upload page.
  • Click Browse to locate the video file you wish to upload to LUTube and convert
  • Complete the details about the video including Title, description (this can include links to other websites), tags and copyright details
  • Confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on the Upload button
  • You will be notified if your video has uploaded successfully and is being converted.
  • If there were any problems with the video or information you provided you will be informed and ask to make any necessary changes.
  • For more information see the 'Putting videos on LUTube' video tutorial
How long will my video take to upload and convert?
The exact time that this will take depends upon the speed of your internet connection, the size of your video and how busy our servers are at the time. Just to give you an idea one test of a 100MB video uploaded from the University of Leeds took 40 seconds to upload and convert, though you should bear in mind that this could take considerably longer on slower home broadband connections.
My video is taking too long to upload what can I do?
The length of time your video will take to upload will depend on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the video that you are trying to upload. You can test your connection speed using this online tool: It is likely that the connection will be quicker within the University than it is at home so you could try uploading your content at University or reduce the file size of your video before uploading (see “Managing file sizes and formats” tutorial).
How do I know when my video is converted and ready to view?
When you first upload your video you will see the converting logo in place of your video. This will be replaced by your video when conversion is completed. Either check back later after uploading or refresh the page to check on progress.
Can I decide who sees my video?
You can set access controls for your video when you upload or by clicking on edit for any video you have already uploaded. You can choose to make the video public, viewable by logged on users only (members of the University), private or hosted which will allow you to embed the video on other sites without it being visible on LUTube. This would allow you to use the access controls provided by other sites such as the password protected VLE. For more information see the 'Control who can see your video' tutorial.
Does my video have to be seen on LUTube?
No. Videos with access controls set to private will not be able to be seen by anyone other than their owner on LUTube. Setting your video to “hosted” will mean that it cannot be found by others on LUTube but you will still be able to use the embed code to place your video on other sites.
What is a “hosted” video?
When you upload your video to LUTube one of the access restriction options is to set your video to be “hosted”. This means that your video will not be able to be found by other visitors to LUTube but you will be able to place the video on other websites such as the VLE.
What is the maximum file size of video that I can upload to LUTube?
LUTube will take videos that are up to 2GB in size. Please be aware that the larger the file size, the longer it wil take to upload. If your video is larger than 2GB then please get in touch with us using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.
How long can my videos be?
There is currently no length restrictions on videos uploaded to LUTube. You should however think about the optimum duration of your video to engage your audience, though clearly this will depend on the video and its purpose. For learning and teaching, shorter extracts of videos linked to activities such as discussions can have more pedagogical value than longer, unedited content.
What type of video will LUTube accept?
LUTube will currently accept and convert videos in the following standard formats:
  • wmv
  • flv
  • mov
  • avi
  • mpg/mpeg
  • mp4
  • 3gp
  • ogg
  • mod
What is the best format to upload for high quality?
If possible we recommend the following settings:
  • MPEG4, Flash or QuickTime format
  • H.264 compression at high quality
  • 480x360 resolution (or nearest)
  • MP3 audio 44.1khz
  • 25 frames per second
Can I upload VHS videos or DVDs?
Copyright cleared content (programmes recorded from terrestrial broadcasters may be eligible for educational use under the terms of the ERA licence) on VHS or DVD would need to be converted to one of the types of video that LUTube would accept before you can upload it.
What are MSWMM files? Why can't I upload them?
A MSWMM file is created when you save a project in Windows Movie Maker. It is not a video that can be played outside of Widows Movie Maker and will not be recognised by LUTube. To turn this into a video you should load the project up in Windows Movie Maker and export your movie using File – Save Movie File… and work your way through the Save Movie Wizard. See the “Exporting content for LUTube” tutorial for more information.

Viewing video on LUTubeback to top

Why does the video stop and start during playback?
LUTube will attempt to download video while you are playing. Interruptions to playback can mean that the video is not downloading fast enough, this can happen on slower connections (below 500 kb/s). You can check your connection speed using this online tool: To improve playback pause the video and let more of it download before playing it, the black status bar at the bottom of the video player indicates how much of the video has downloaded.
Why can’t I see a video that I know is on LUTube?
Check you are logged in, some videos are restricted to logged in users only. Check with the owner of the video to see whether they have set the video to be hidden on LUTube, changed the settings or even deleted the video.
I can't play videos, what's wrong?
Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash player installed. You can download it at:
What is an aspect ratio?
The ratio of screen width to screen height. “Standard” TV or video aspect ratio is 4:3 while the aspect ratio for HD (High Definition) TV or video is 16:9.
What aspect ratios does LUTube support?

LUTube supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. You can upload video that is either is of these shapes and it will be converted and displayed appropriately for the web. The standard video player is 16:9. If you upload 16:9 video it will fill the player when played on LUTube. If you upload 4:3 video it will have black bars either side of the picture when played on LUTube.

Embedded videos are played in a 4:3 video player. Embedded 16:9 videos will have black bars at the top and bottom. Embedded 4:3 videos will fill the player.

What happens if I set the licence requirement of my video to comply with the ERA licence?
The ERA licence is a specific licence to cover the educational use of videos recorded from terrestrial TV broadcasters and some Freeview channels. To comply with the licence, ERA content must be restricted in a number of ways by LUTube:
  • Videos must be accompanied by additional metadata (Broadcaster, Date of broadcast and Title when shown on TV)
  • Videos can only be shown on password protected sites
  • Videos will be restricted to viewing on campus only
  • Selection of the ERA licence will “over-rule” other conflicting settings, e.g. content set to public will only be viewable by logged in users.

LUTube featuresback to top

What are tags?
Tags are keywords that you can use to describe your video and will make them easier for people to find. Recently used tags appear on the front page.
What are "My Channels"?
You can subscribe to channels that you find interesting or visit regularly by clicking on the subscribe link on the channels home page. The user will then be added to your list of channels under “My Channels”.
How does commenting work?
LUTube allows logged in users to leave comments on any videos that they have access to. To comment on a video you should complete the “Comment on this video” box in the video’s detailed view and click on the Comment button. Other users will be able to reply to a comment by clicking on the reply button ( replying to a comment ) or leave a comment of their own. You can delete a comment you have left by clicking on the delete comment button ( deleting a comment ). The fact that you have commented will still be visible but the content of the comment will not be seen and replies to the comment will remain.
How can I search for videos?
Enter the title, part of the title or words that are likely to be in the video description or keywords relating to it into the search box in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the advanced search link for more options.
How do I find videos by other users?
Enter the full, first or last name of the user into the search box in the top right corner of the screen and click Search. Click on the advanced search link for more options. You can also browse through a list of all videos that have been uploaded to LUTube under the main "Content" tab at the top of the screen.
How do I change the video that appears on my main page?
When you are logged on, click on the My Videos link below the main navigation tabs to see a list of videos that you have uploaded. You can make any video that whose access restriction has been set to public the featured video on your home page by clicking on the feature link next to the video in this view. You can set the access restriction of a video when you upload it, or change it by clicking on edit in the detailed video view.

Showing LUTube videos in other websitesback to top

Can I put my video in the VLE?
Yes. To place your video in the VLE you will need to set the access restriction to public or hosted when you upload your content or by clicking on the edit link in the detailed video view. LUTube will produce "Embed" code that can be copied from LUTube and pasted into the HTML view of VLE pages. See the Embedding your content tutorial for more details.
Can I put my video in my University of Leeds Elgg blog?
Yes, follow these steps to place video hosted on LUTube in an Elgg blog:
  1. Set the access restriction to public or hosted when you upload your content or by clicking on the edit link in the detailed video view.
  2. Copy the embed code that appears with your video in detailed view (Press CTRL + A to select and CTRL + C to copy)
  3. Create a new post in your blog in Elgg and place your cursor at the point where you want the video to appear.
  4. Click on the “Add external video button”
  5. Paste the embed code copied from LUTube into the “Video URL” box of the window that appears
  6. Change the video size to the required dimensions – we recommend 480 * 360 for 4:3 videos and 640 * 360 for 16:9
  7. Click on the Insert Video button when you have done and save your Elgg post as normal.
See the Embedding your content tutorial for more details.
Can I put my video in a webpage?
Yes, you can place your video into any web page on which you can edit the html. To place your video in another web page you will need to set the access restriction to public or hosted when you upload your content or by clicking on the edit link in the detailed video view. LUTube will produce "Embed" code that can be copied from LUTube and pasted into the HTML of another web page. See the Embedding your content tutorial for more details.
Can I show my video on another site but hide it on LUTube?
Yes, to do this you will need to set the access restriction to hosted when you upload your content or by clicking on the edit link in the detailed video view. The hosted option will produce embed code that you can use to place your content in other webpages but will not make it visible to other visitors to LUTube.
What happens to the embedded video if I delete my video from LUTube?
You should be careful when removing videos form LUTube to ensure that you have not included them in other webpages. If you remove a video from LUTube any other webpages that showed the video will no longer be able to find the video and won’t be able to show it.